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Parents' club

ReadFirst is now seeking:
Parents who pay close attention to English Reading and International Education, are willing to grow with their children and with the same education values as ReadFirst for working together to set up a non-profit making and collaborative ReadFirst Parents’Club.

We are a group of like-minded companions:
Agree that, being the parents of new generation, we should be proactively exploring any possibility of the future and giving a positive thinking to the present circumstances;
Agree with the concept of “Parents-help-Parents”;
Are willing to share and collaborate with other parents.

We are willing to invest our time and effort to voluntarily participate in organising the Parents’ afternoon tea, Parents’ Workshop and other seminars related to English Reading and International Education.

You will be rewarded with:
a deep knowledge in English Reading and International Education
a face-to-face sharing experience with the professionals of English Reading and International Education
a group of companions who are passionate in Paternity Education and willing to walk along with you in searching better ways of learning
becoming a confident parent and a partner of your children

In the coming activities of Readfirst Parents’ Club, we will be studying:
What is Phonics about? How to help your children to learn Phonics?
How to set up an English reading atmosphere at home?
How to conduct an effective, guided paternity English reading?
What is Project-based Learning (PBL) ?
And other topics…

If you are the parent of children aged from 3 to 17, full of love and passion, and willing to share your time with Readfirst Parents’ Club to grow together, you’re welcome to join us!
To be convenient for you to join our parents’ clubs located in different cities, please scan the QR code below.

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