Shanghai Seminar: How to prepare for selective boarding schools in America and other countries?

On 13th November, the seminar entitled “Oversea Elite Education: selection and preparation” held by Athena Academy in cooperation with “ReadFirst” came to a successful conclusion. 

On 13th November, the seminar entitled “Oversea Elite Education: selection and preparation” held by Athena Academy in cooperation with “ReadFirst” came to a successful conclusion.We were honored to invite the founder and director of Foundation Global Education, Mr Daniel Szeto, a graduate of Cornell University. Mr Szeto introduced parents about the top boarding schools around the world to explain how to choose the most suitable school for their children, and what they can do before applying for selective schools. 

The World-Class Boarding School

Firstly, Daniel introduced the top boarding schools in America, UK and other countries.

Phillips Exeter Academy: one of the most famous boarding schools in the US, from which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg graduated.   

Phillips Academy Andover: founded in 1778, one of the oldest boarding schools in the US. 

Deerfield Academy: one of the top 10 boarding schools in the US. Deerfield provides students with many opportunities for all-around development. 

Upper Canada College: so-called “Eton school” in Canada  

Le Rosey: Swiss International Boarding School, the most expensive school in the world. Students can benefit from its luxury experience and enjoy an exceptional study and life. 

The Advantages of Boarding School 

As many parents choose to send their children to boarding school abroad, what advantages does this experience bring to students? 

1.Be well prepared to enter the top universities

2.Benefits from the outstanding academic team and resources 

3.Cultivate friendship with excellent peers 

4.Rich and balanced student life 

5.Good social life

Boarding School Application 

As Daniel stated, there are several factors matter to boarding school application: 

1.Highly competitive application process 

2.Different education system in different countries

3.School choice 

How to get prepared for the selective boarding school? 

1.Personal positioning: why you? 

2.Despite of knowledge, analyze skills, self-expression and interpersonal skills are matters 

3.Evaluate international application from different perspectives 

4.3 significant contribution in boarding school:  academics, extra-curricular activities, social life

5.6 elements to apply a selective boarding school in the US: 

SAT, school assessments results, reference letter from parents and tutors, personal statement, interview 

Experience sharing from Daniel: 

1.Start to prepare the application as soon as possible

2.Develop  a lifelong academic English reading skill 

3.Soft skills, attitude and personality are keys to succeed

4.Develop children’s different abilities: specialist >=generalist 

At the end, we were honored to invite Mr Daniel Szeto to Shanghai and shared his experience with us. We are expecting to bring more activities to our parents. 

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