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What do we do?

We not only help our students to enhance their Academic English ability, but also foster their skills of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity to enable them to become adaptable leaders of 21st century.

  • Academic English Skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Project-based Learning Approach
  • Student-centered Teaching Method
The Newest Programs
Being the most innovative K-12 International Education Academy, we use the US Common Core curricular together with PBL and student-centered teaching methods to help our students to enhance their skills in using English as well as their problem-solving ability. Besides, we also provide the Designing Technology workshops and Make Space programs to stimulate the creativity of our students.
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  • 含有3000册分级原版英文图书

  • 所有原版书籍都是由Athena从全球各大专业出版社

  • 知名书店畅销书、推荐书单中精心挑选

  • 所有原版书均根据Renaissance公司的AR分级阅读系统进行分级,Athena不断更新和引进新的书籍

  • 确保藏书与顶级欧美国家学校图书馆藏书实时同步

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