Emerging English


Class size:6-8 closely-levelled students per class

Levelling:Phonics screener

Core teaching materials: Award-winning Jolly Phonics, Bob Books and levelled English books in Athena library

Our approach:student-centered and individual student tracking and feedback

Objectives:To prepare entry-level students with a strong foundation of phonetic, grammatical, and lexical awareness to enter Athena Group Guided Reading and Literature, Writing and PBL Projects programs

Course Setting:Emerging English program includes 3 stages: Stage I - 10 weeks; Stage II - 13 weeks; and Stage III - 13 weeks (student placement is decided by the pre-assessment result and the recommendation of native-English speaking teacher)

Class frequency:Twice a week

Program Features: 

 Establish a good foundation of phonics skills, reading skills and grammatical awareness through engaging and interactive classes;

 Stages I and II focus on developing a firm foundation in phonics recognition, application and production; 

 From stage III the focus is on developing reading comprehension through expanding vocabulary range, grammatical awareness and intensive guided reading, in order to well prepare them for the Group Guided Reading program and Literature, Writing and PBL Projects programs. 

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