Group Guided Reading

Age:7 -14

Class size:6-8 closely-levelled students per class

Levelling:Full screener(including interview, phonics, STAR reading test and writing)

Teaching Standard: US Common Core Standard

Core Teaching Materials: Scholastic Short Reads and over 5000 levelled books in Athena library

Evaluation System: STAR - the US most popular and renowned Reading Level Evaluation System (STAR)

Teaching approach: Teacher-led, student-centered inquiry-based learning approach; standardized guided reading practice with multiple readings, consolidation and enhancement activities to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for students; 

Learning Objectives: To develop life-long skilled, independent readers of English for academic purposes and personal interest as well as lay a solid foundation for students to well prepare them for the Independent Guided Reading program and Literature, Writing and PBL Projects programs.

Course Setting: Group Guided Reading program includes 2 stages (Student placement is decided by the pre-assessment result and the recommendation of native-English speaking teacher).

Class Frequency:Twice a week

Program Features:

 Uses authentic US Common Core reading material – Short Reads, which covers different subject areas and genres to keep students engaged and motivated during class; it also enables students to build up vocabulary and develop their reading skills; 

 Courses scheduled in a way to ensure students are appropriately and consistently challenged; 

 Helps students to develop critical thinking skills, social skills and collaboration skills throughout the class; 

 Improves students’ writing skills through its writing component; 

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