Literature, Writing & Projects


Class Size:6-8 closely-levelled students per class

Levelling:Full screener(including interview, phonics, STAR reading test and writing)

Teaching Standard: US Common Core Standard 

Core Teaching Materials: Journeys published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Teaching Approach: Student-centered,Project-based Learning, Inquiry-based Learning

Learning Objectives: To develop reading comprehension and reading response skills, writing for purpose and audience, and project-based skills and competencies.

Course Setting: This program includes 5 stages with 36 weeks each. Each stage includes 3 major elements: Literature Reading, Writing, and PBL Projects

Class Frequency: Twice a week

Program Features:

 Literature Reading: To learn the essential skills and strategies for reading and comprehending a range of authentic texts required by US Common Core Standards; inquiry questions to facilitate critical inquiry and purposeful responses to reading texts;

 Writing: Writing for authentic purposes using a structured and reflective writing process for a range of writing types required by US Common Core Standards, and complete different weekly writing assignments; 

 PBL cross-curricular projects: Student-centered, cross-curricular project-based learning (PBL) units facilitate the development of core project skills and competencies (e.g collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, communication etc); 

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